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Creative Lines as a name!
One of the basic concepts in art is a Line, everything in a drawing, painting, photo, sculpture, or design is composed of many lines. Some are thick others are thin some short and striaght while others are long and have many curves. What ever the type of lines when they are arranged in a creative why they come together to make the object or image that the eye sees and processes. This is the long way to say that the use of creative lines is the building blocks that make up the art world. A Name is born!

Creative Lines is dedicated to creating the best graphics and web site designs. The objective is to turn your idea into a tangible reality. From logo design, to full web sites. No matter where you live I can do the job for you. This site has also been setup to show the art that I have done and will continue to do thoughout my life.

I realize the value of my clients. Therefore my goal is to provide them with courteous professional service - quickly, accurately, completely and economically. I fully intend to be one of the best service providers on and off the internet.


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A little about what I believe
Short overview

    About my services I do sculpture, I'm a graphic and website designer, a photographer, and I dabble in many other arts. I love to create clean, modern, easy to use websites, logos, and other media. You can check out everything that I have to offer to the left or check it out in my portfolio .
    Brand development has never been more important in today's market place. Engaging your audience with a professional look will attract potential clients as well as investors. Let Creative Lines be a part of your branding success with logo, brochure, illustration, photography and web design.
    Great designs
    I believe in great looking content for the web and all facets of design. For that reason I offer a section of great looking CSS templates for download. I do this in hopes that the net will look better and be all around more attractive. Which I believe is the biggest driving factor of the 'web 2.0' movement that we are seeing.

    Other Stuff

    I could put quotes up or testimonials of clients. Instead I will just suggest that you look at my work and make up your own mind.
    All that aside I know that seeing the names of clients is always a thrill. Here's a very small sampling of select company names that I have done work for.
    Universal Impression
    Deleco Corp.
    Horseshoe Trader
    U.S. Army
    MWR Europe
    First Choice Magizine
    Larry Miller AIU Insurance
    Citizen Newspaper
    and of course everything else you see throughout this website.

View my wesites page, where you can view a few of the sites that I have created and that have been posted on the web.

logoLogos and Identities.
This is a collection of several logos and identities that have been created for business and events.

Illustration can be a major part of a design, here is just a portion of the illustrations that I have created for passed projects.

graphic designsGraphic Design.
Interested in the graphic design that I have done, enter the graphic design portion of my portfolio.

photography victoria bcPhotography
Click on over to the photography page to see a portion of the photos that I have to offer.

I absolutlly love sculpture, it is one of the main artistic diciplines that I work in, enter here to see some of my favorite pieces.

You can look through my recent paintings by clicking here. Painting is a hobby that I will continue in my spare time.

process and PricesProcess for asking questions or hiring.
This page describes the Process to hire or request a service. That is not all; if you see a piece of art work that interests you, come to this page or the contact page to contact me. For my art work I am always willing to entertain an offer or answer any questions that you may have.

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